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8 reasons why winning poker players use us.

HHSmithy was the first hand history datamining service on the Internet and every update, feature, and change since 2006 has been focused on providing maximum data as easily as possible.

  1. Largest amount of daily data
    We out datamine all our competitors hands down. Not only that, but we are confident we can continue to improve our datamining until we are practically tracking 100% of all hand histories.
  2. Most cost effective
    HHSmithy gets you the most hand history data at the lowest prices per hand. Stop paying crazy prices for data you can get at HHSmithy.
  3. Easiest hand history downloads
    Not only is HHSmithy the most cost effective way to buy the most data, its also the simplest. Customized zip files, email alerts, the ability to download past data through the website and a powerful and easy to use download program make HHSmithy the easiest place to download hands.
  4. Simple and powerful customization options
    Poker players are consistently looking for the best sites and most profitable limits to play as their bank roll grows. With HHSmithy its dead simple to switch sites and change limits without having to repay.
  5. We understand poker
    The development team at HHSmithy consists of former full time online poker players who table selected and played all the way up to $10/$20 NL. This means we understand poker and what provides real value for our users.
  6. Commitment to datamining
    Some of the other hand history sites seem to be around to make a quick buck. At HHSmithy we are re-investing our profits and time into making the best hand history service on the planet. We have big ambitions to add new sites, game types and services.
  7. Open and honest coverage statistics
    When you decide to buy hand histories you want to know exactly what your going to get. Our coverage graphs are lightening fast and some of our competitors don’t even display what they are selling you.
  8. Get paid to refer
    We know your excited to tell the world about how awesome HHSmithy is, so you might as well get paid to do it. We offer a great affiliate scheme so you can make profit for everyone you send to HHSmithy.
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