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Poker is a game of unknowns and sample sizes. Someone’s statistics over a small sample can be wildly innacurate and different from their true value. We understand this very well and know that in order to get the most accurate statistics you need as close to 100% coverage as possible. HHSmithy datamine more hand histories and are closer to the elusive 100% coverage than any of our competitors.

The largest volume of hand histories datamined daily

The more data you have the more accurate your reads will be. We understand that and have created the most advanced poker datamining operation in the world. Built from the ground up using our custom datamining technology, we constantly scan poker lobbies and distribute tables to hundreds of computers. This allows us to watch over 10,000 tables at a time and datamine upwards of 10,000,000 hands a day. On the sites that we currently support, we datamine more than PokerTableRatings, hhDealer and HHSender.

Most cost effective prices

Not only do we datamine the most hands but we also sell them at the most cost effective prices. Our low subscription prices mean that the price you pay per hand is up to 99% lower than Poker Table Ratings. Make sure you check out the blog for a detailed article comparing prices.

Transparent and super fast coverage graphs

Looking up hand history coverage on our competitor's web sites is either impossible or slow. At HHSmithy we are extremely proud of our datamining operation and encourage our customers to see exactly what our datamining coverage is. Not only this, but the latest version of our coverage graphs are the prettiest and fastest graphs around.

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