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Easy and convinient ways to get your hands

At HHSmithy we know that having millions of hand histories every day isn’t good enough if it is a hassle to import into your favorite tracking and table selection programs.

One easy customized zip file to download

With other hand history sites you get hundreds of zip files daily (different zips for each site, game, limit and seat type). This can mean clicking on hundreds of links every day and downloading loads of different files. At HHSmithy we build every user’s zip files individually with only the hand histories that you want. This means less hassle and more time to make money playing poker.

Receive hands daily

With ever changing player pools and the ability to change your screenname poker data can soon become obsolete. If you buy a million hand histories you will soon see more and more unknowns showing up and when a new casual player deposits you won’t know about them or be able to play with them. HHSmithy fixes this by giving you fresh hand history data every single day. Always be playing with the absolute latest information.

Download through the website any time

It’s easy to download HHSmithy hand histories from anywhere in the world. Just log in to your account you’re ready to go. If your computer crashes or you buy a new laptop you can simply log back on and re-download your files. Simple.

Super easy download application

A lot of our users love the ease of our hand history download application. Never forget to download a zip or manually have to extract and import hand histories again. Set up our application to check regularly for new hand history files and point your favorite tracking software at the extraction folder. Our application will download your hands, unzip them, and your tracking software will auto-import the hands. Never worry about manually importing the latest data again.

Email alerts when hand histories are available

Sometimes you want to know exactly when the latest data is available and with HHSmithy its super easy. Sign up for daily email alerts and we’ll send you an email and download link the moment your hand history zips are ready for download.

Mirrored download locations for maximum speed

With HHSmithy you get a lot of hands, and by a lot we mean multiple megabyte (sometimes in the hundreds) downloads. With other hand history sites the download alone can take hours but with HHSmithy we have over six download mirrors and are planning on adding more in different locations. This means you will get blazingly fast download speeds so you can focus on winning money and not watching a download bar.

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